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DV Project Report 2002-2003


Workers during the year

Shahana Rasool Bassadien Domestic Violence Policy Officer (June 2002 - January 2003)
Jayantha Alwishewa Domestic Violence Project Officer
Violeta Craney Domestic Violence Project OfficerNovember 2002 - July 2003
Monica Mazzone Domestic Violence Policy Officer (from March 2002)

Overview of the year

This was yet another busy year for the Domestic Violence (DV) team. As the political climate remains antagonistic to migrants and refugees, the team had to stretch to respond to the needs of migrant and refugee women in domestic violence in a context of diminishing resources and entitlements for Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) women. In particular, the number of women seeking assistance with applications for Permanent Residence using the DV Provision of the Migration Regulations has increased and takes considerable resources, as have enquiries on general immigration issues. While individual migrant and refugee women and children were supported through casework, we also tried to improve conditions for all through policy and advocacy work. The team also continued its work in educating the larger community about the issues faced by migrant and refugee women in domestic violence and by providing specific training for service providers.

Below are some of the highlights of the DV team work for the year.

Policy and Advocacy

Case Work

Speakout has assisted women from a number of backgrounds and facing a range of complex issues.

Number of cases
During the year the team supported 74 women by providing on-going casework, counselling and support in domestic violence situations. Of these, 52 women or 70%, required assistance with the DV provision. A total of 187 face-to-face interviews and 297 telephone sessions were conducted.

Casual and one off sessions
290 casual or one off sessions were conducted either by phone or face to face, including referral and information to service providers

The clients were referred to us by: the DV Line-DoCS, local courts, police, Training and Further Education (TAFE), Centrelink and self-referrals, migrant resource centres and legal centres. Referral were made to: Women's refugees, Immigration Advice and Rights Centres, Refugee Advice Casework Service and community legal centres, service delivery agencies and organisations and ethnic organisations.

Casework Support included

Issues identified from casework

Main issues for Casual/One off Clients:

Community Development Work

Key Networks and Committees

Short Term Steering Committees and Working Parties

Information Stalls

Conferences/seminar and Forums presentations

Training provided

Training, forums and conferences attended