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Information Technology and Resource Access Project

Project Officer: Emina Kovac

The Information and Technology and Resource Access Project was an extension of the previous Information Technology project funded by the Department for Women. This project aimed to improve Speakout's library and resources, including establishing up to date information on Speakout's projects. This project encompassed enhancement of Speakout's Web Site and included establishing accessible information systems, such as computers and Internet facilities, for Speakout clients. This project will assist migrant and refugee women to search for employment, particularly those participating in the Specialist Migrant Placement Officer (SMPO) program. The following lists the expected outcomes by October 2001: Developed and implemented library system for cataloguing and recording Established a computer and Internet access area, including 3-second hand computers networked for Speakout client use Web page updates implemented Introduction of website translated into 30 languages In the year ahead the Speakout Library promises to be a useful resource for research purposes, Speakout project information and for NESB women requiring computer and Internet access. The enhanced accessibility brought about by the Website updates will capture more of the information and service needs of NESB women in NSW.