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The Association will provide services to members and clients in a manner that is ethical and without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, physical ability or sexuality.

The work and practice of the Association is based on a belief in the equality, creativity and strength of the diversity of women.


The Association is a non-profit, benevolent and empowering organisation whose aims and objectives are as follows:

a) To alleviate the poverty and distress of migrant and refugee women

b) To provide appropriate services to immigrant and refugee women in need, particularly those without any other avenues of assistance, those who are isolated, and those at risk of homelessness, abuse and ill health.

c) To assist immigrant and refugee women to achieve equal participation in society and the opportunity to express their own economic, political, social, religious, cultural and sexual identity.

Management Structure
Speakout is a community-based organisation, managed by women of non-English speaking background. The Management Committee (MC), is comprised of 10 positions, of which NESB and/or refugee women must fill at least 75%. One position is dedicated for a rural or regional representative.

Major Community Networks
Speakout's membership comprises individual women from refugee and non-English speaking background and organisations that work with and/or are interested in the target group issues. Major organisational affiliations include

  • Member of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW
  • Member of the NSW Council of Social Services

Speakout staff also participate actively in a number of migrant, refugee and women's interagencies and forum including

  • Department for Womens Peak's Agency Meetings
  • Federation of Non-Government Agencies (FONGA)
  • Member of the Taskforce of Ethnic Networks (TEN)
  • Multicultural Consultative Forum (DETYA & DEWRSB)
  • Migrant Employment Taskforce of NSW
  • Migrant Advisory Committee (MAC)
  • Fair Wear Coalition
  • Apprehended Violence and Legal Issues Coordinating Committee
  • NCOSS SAAP Peaks
  • NSW Domestic Violence Network
  • Asylum Seekers Interagency
  • Refugee Support Network
  • Fairfield Immigrant and Refugee Women's Network
  • Numerous local interagencies in Western and metropolitan Sydney
Speakout staff are also members of several Advisory and Steering Committees and Reference Groups including:
  • TAFE NSW Women's Advisory Committee
  • University of Western Sydney NESB Older People and Abuse Research Project Advisory Committee
  • Legal Aid for Women and Children in Family Law Working Group
  • Violence Against Women Regional Reference Group, Western Sydney
  • Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearing House Advisory Committee
  • Domestic Violence Line Advisory Committee
  • National Stop DV Day working party
  • Sinhala Community Development Project
  • Police and Community Training Project Steering Committee
  • DOCS Sole Women's Accommodation and Support Service Steering Committee
  • Women's Health in Industry Program Steering Committee
  • FPA Health Multicultural Services
  • NICOMS (National Interdepartmental Committee on Migrant Settlement)
  • Organising Committee for Beijing Plus 5 Conference 2000
  • Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Services Harmony Project Advisory Committee

Speakout is frequently invited to make presentations at Conferences and other public events.

We welcome feedback about Speakout, please contact us.




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