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Policy Submissions

  • Family Violence Provisions (FVP) and secondary subclass 457 visa holders, IWSA issues paper, August 2013
  • Exploitation of Women through Trafficking and Forced Marriage: Prospective Marriage Visas and Student Visas, IWSA issues paper, March 2013
  • Inquiry into the exploitation of people through trafficking, in all its forms in NSW (CRC Inquiry), IWSA submission - Trafficking and Forced Marriage, March 2013
  • Domestic violence trends and issues in NSW (NSW Legislative Council Inquiry), IWSA submission, September 2012
    See this Submission
  • Family Violence Provisions: The Gap - International Students and 457 Visa Dependents (CRC consultation with Settlement Services Coalition), IWSA submission, July 2012
  • Submission of the NSW Immigrant Women's Association Inc. to the Consultation on the Discussion Paper on Proposed Changes to the Family Law System, January 2005
    Print this Submission (pdf 190kB)
  • Submission to NSW Government's Working Party into illegal non-citizen in the sex industry, November 2003
  • Joint Residence Arrangements in the Event of Family Separation, August 2003
  • Senate Inquiry on Poverty, 2003
  • Welfare Reform, Working Age Payment, June 2003
  • Extension of DV Provision to Temporary Protection Visa Holders, May 2003
  • Paid Maternity Leave, 2003
  • Family Law Pathways Advisory Group September 2000
  • Evaluation of Domestic Violence Provisions, Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, September 1999
  • Apprehended Violence Orders: A Review of the Law - a Discussion Paper, NSW Attorney General's Department, September 1999.
  • Property and Family Law: Options for Change - a Discussion Paper, Commonwealth Attorney General's Department, June 1999.
  • Policing and Domestic Violence - a Discussion Paper, NSW Ombudsman, July 1998
  • Submission on Multiculturalism to the National Multicultural Advisory Committee - 1998
  • Submission to Senate Legal and Constitutional Commmittee on Special Benefit and 2 Year Waiting Period -1998
  • Submission to the Reference Group on Welfare Reform and regarding its Interim Report - 2000
  • Submission to the Department of Education and Training on Learning in a Culturally Diverse Society - 1998



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