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Immigrant Women’s SpeakOut Association of NSW Inc

SpeakOut is a key women’s organisation which acknowledges and values the cultural, linguistic and multigenerational diversity of migrant and refugee women. It empowers these women to achieve gender equality in all areas of their lives. SpeakOut provides education, information and other direct services to multicultural women within NSW.


  • Homeless Multicultural Women Integrated Support Service (HOMWISS)
  • Women’s Shelter
  • Immigrant Women’s Resource Centre
  • Advocacy – Upholding your rights

Homeless Multicultural Women Integrated Support Service (HoMWISS)

SpeakOut offers information, support and referral services to multicultural women experiencing domestic and family violence, who are or are on the verge of being homeless.

Multicultural Women’s Shelter

Multicultural Women’s Shelter provides crisis accommodation to single multicultural women (with no children) escaping domestic violence.
It is a safe place for women, who are on the verge of being homeless, and provides them security, hope and help to rebuild their self-esteem.

Immigrant Women’s Resource Centre (IWRC)

We organise a range of activities to promote community engagement, skills development and to reduce isolation. These also include initiatives for women to be financially independent.

Advocacy – Upholding your rights

We advocate for the rights of refugee and migrant women, representing their issues and ideas at all levels of government, community, media and the industrial sectors.

Year in Snapshot 2022-2023


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Number of clients who participated in skills development/activites